Dr. Nicole Duplaix
Biologist, Photographer & Writer


Photo CV


Photographer, writer and PhD Zoologist for more than 20 years, in the USA and Europe, and often in the tropics under difficult conditions.


Complete photo/text articles, photo-essays, film scripts, destination articles, books. Long and short assignments. Experience as electronic publisher (CD-ROM, AOL, websites), book/magazine/newsletter editor, translator.

Geographic coverage

Over 70 countries. Recent emphasis on Australia, Southern Africa, the Kalahari, South America (Suriname) and Provence (France).


Selected Credits

Magazines (photos): National Geographic ,World, Travel & Leisure, McCall's, Terre Sauvage, International Wildlife, Condé Nast Traveler, GEOlino, Airone, Naturopa, Ranger Rick, Animal Kingdom, World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation, Japanese pubs, (etc.).

Calendars (photos): Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Center for Marine Conservation, Time-Life, Audubon, Sierra Club.

Multimedia (editor, text &/or photos): National Geographic Educational Media CD-ROM "Mammals" (bestseller) and educational film strips. Time/Life Video (cover), AOL 'Bonjour Paris' site (Managing editor, Illustrations and writer). Two web sites.

Photos and text: National Geographic Magazine, Florida Environments (covers), Terre et Vie, Das Tier, Animals, Otter Trust, Penn Ar Bed (cover), Top Dobe. (many others).

Books (text &/or photos): Reader's Digest Books, National Geographic Books, Elsevier, Weidenfeld and Nicolson (cover), Trevor Poyser, Cambridge Univ. Press, Torstar Books, Facts on File, Priory Press, M. Beazley, Crown Publishing.

Text only: National Geographic Magazine (freelance writer), Florida Environments Magazine (columnist), Palm Beach Post (columnist). Over 200 popular and scientific articles. 8 books. Translations.

General stock coverage: Portraits, habitats, animal behaviors, scenics, rural, cities, historic, aerials, close-ups, macro. Wildlife: many endangered species, birds, mammals, otters, rainforest species, fleas...animals of all sizes.

Photo agents: National Geographic (Image Collection), Washington, DC; Omni-Photo, New York, NY; Peter Arnold Inc., New York, NY., Getty Images; Corbis

Related credentials: PhD in biology/ecology (top honors).Bilingual French and English, also Italian and Spanish. Fellow: Royal Geographical Society, Zoological Society of London. Member: Anglo-American Press Association of Paris, Union Photographes Créateurs (UPC, Paris), NANPA (USA).



Science and Film CV

Experience summary

Twenty eight years' activity in environmental sciences, including international conservation and coordination of endangered species, wildlife trade and habitat programs. Extensive international record in scientific field research and coordination of worldwide informational systems (multimedia, film and print.) Strong communication, negotiation and fund-raising skills. Competent in all phases of scientific and journalistic writing with 6 books, over 100 publications and presentations, and 2 web sites. Published National Geographic photographer and writer. Doctorate in Animal Biology with highest honors. Multilingual.

Academic qualifications

Doctorat és Sciences degree (Animal Biology), Faculty of Sciences - Orsay, University of Paris, France. Highest honors and congratulations of the Jury. 1981

Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (DEA - equivalent M.Sc.). Animal Ecology. Faculty of Science, University of Paris, France. 1968

Bachelor of Science, Biology Major. Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York. 1966, French Baccalauréats, Paris, France, 1962


Professional experience (partial list)

Coordinator and researcher, Regional Giant Otter Conservation Plan in the Guianas, funded by World Wildlife Fund and the Oceanic Society, 1999 ­ to date

Contract freelance photographer and writer, National Geographic Society Image Collection, Washington, DC. 1997 ­ to date

Freelance Script Writer for film and video productions. 1975 ­ to date

Web site writer and graphics editor, Bonjour Paris on America Online (AOL). 1994 ­ 1995

Instructor, Photojournalism. Institut Accords Education, Paris, France, 1993

Founder and President, Duplaix & Associates, Inc., International Environmental Consultants, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 1988 ­ 1992

Director, Office of Communications, South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, Florida.1984 ­ 1988

Director, Environmental Service Center, Florida Defenders, Tallahassee, FL. 1983

Founder IUCN-SSC TRAFFIC and Director TRAFFIC (U.S.A.), World Wildlife Fund, Washington, D.C.1978-1982

Founder and Chairman, IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group. 1974 ­ 1989. Member, '89-present

Visiting Research Scientist, Office of Zoological Research, National Zoo, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.1978

Field and captive studies of the Giant otter in Suriname, and other otter species in Europe, Africa and Asia.1966-1978

Scientific Assistant to the General Director, New York Zoological Society, Bronx Zoo.1975

Editor, International Zoo Yearbook. The Zoological Society of London, U.K.1971-1975


IUCN (World Conservation Union) Appointments (partial list)

Member, Species Survival Commission (SSC), International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). 1971 - to date

Regional Vice Chairman (North America) IUCN Species Survival Commission. 1981-1984

Steering Committee. IUCN/SSC Species Survival Commission. 1978-1988

Founder and Director TRAFFIC (U.S.A.), World Wildlife Fund, Washington, D.C.1978-1982

Founding member, IUCN/SSC TRAFFIC Specialist Group (Trade Records Analysis of Fauna and Flora in Commerce). 1975-1985

Founder and member, IUCN/SSC Animal Trade Information Service (became TRAFFIC) '72-75

Delegate to CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species):'78­85

Founder and Chairman, IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group. '74 ­ '89. Member '89-present

Member, IUCN/SSC - International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) Liaison Committee. '72-74

Chairman and Member, IUCN/SSC Zoo Group. 1972-1976

Member, Tropical Forest Task Force, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).'78-89

Executive Secretary, American Committee for International Conservation (IUCN-ACIC)

Member, IUCN Critical Marine Habitats Group. 1976-1978


Publications (partial list)

Doctoral thesis: The comparative ecology and behavior of Pteronura brasiliensis and its phylogenetic implications. (in French, 352 pages).University of Paris ­ Orsay.1982


N.D. & J.A. Davis: Otter, Identification Manual for Customs Officials. 30; CITES, Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Gland, Switzerland.120 pp.1983

Editor. Proceedings of the First Working Meetings of the Otter Specialist Group. IUCN Special Publications (Morges). 158 pp. 1978

N.D. & Noel Simon. World Guide to Mammals. Crown Publishing. 284 pp. 1976

Janet Kear & N.D., Editors. Flamingos, Proceedings of the First International Flamingo Symposium. Trevor Poyser. 246 pp. 1975

International Zoo Yearbook. Editor. Vol. 12, 416 pp. 1972; Vol. 13, 423 pp. 1973; Vol. 14, 423 pp. 1974; Vol. 15, 463 pp. 1975. The Zoological Society of London.


Articles (partial list)

N.D., M. Lingaard, & C. Sakimin, A Survey of Kaburi Creek, West Suriname and its Conservation Implications 2001, Oceanic Society, Oceanic Society, 34 pp. 2001

Giant Otter Country Fact Sheet for Suriname, in Otter Action Plan 2001 of the IUCN-SSC Otter Specialist Group, (in press, 2001)

Evaluation of the Animal and Plant Trade in the Guayana Shield Eco-region, Preliminary Findings. World-Wildlife Fund and UNDP Guayana Forests & Environmental Conservation Project (WWF-GFECP) 2001. 88pp. http://www.wwfguianas.org/Files/Guianas%20Trade.pdf

Numerous articles/photos on Australia, Provence and Suriname on www.2DocStock.com. 1999-2001

18 articles on Paris and France on AOL Bonjour Paris and www.bparis.com '95-'97

Agents of Capitalism. Chapter in From The Field, A Collection of Writing from National Geographic. C. McCarry, editor. Washington: National Geographic Soc.: 230-232.1997

South Florida Water: Paying The Price. National Geographic. July: 89-112, 1990

Fleas: The Lethal Leapers. National Geographic. May: 114-136. 1988

Otters. Chapter in, The Encyclopedia of Mammals. D.Macdonald, editor. NY: Facts on File:124-129.1987

How rare is the Egyptian vulture in South Africa? Vulture News 4:18. 1985

CITES, TRAFFIC, and the international black-market trade in rarities. In, Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Extinction Alternative. P.J. Mundy, editor: 72-73.1984

Macdonald, S. & N.D. The Otter, Symbol of Our Threatened Fauna. Naturopa 45:14-19.1983

Mack,D., N.D., & S.Wells. Sea Turtles, Animal of Divisible Parts: International Trade in Sea Turtle Products. In, Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles. K. Bjorndal, editor. Smithsonian Institution Press:545-563.1982

E. Roet, D. Mack & N.D.: Psittacines imported by the United Sates, '79 - '80. In, Conservation of New World Parrots. Roger Pasquier, editor. Smithsonian Institution Press: 21-55. 1981

Observations on the ecology and behavior of the Giant River Otter Pteronura brasiliensis in Suriname. Terre et Vie. 34:495-620. 1980

Giant Otters: "Big Water Dogs" in Peril. National Geographic. July: 130-142.1980

N.D. & H.A. Reichart. The History, Status and Conversation of the Manatee Trichecus manatus in Suriname, Report under contract to the U.S. Department of the Interior, Endangered Species Bureau, Manatee Conservation Project. 35 pp. 1978

River otters in captivity, a review. In, Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity, R.D. Martin, editor: 311-327, Academic Press. 1975


Multimedia/Film (partial list)

Co-producer/Screenplay/Voiceover script: Little Tracker. Provision, South Africa. 50 minutes.1999. Awards: First Place Gold Camera Award, US International Film and Video Festival, Chicago, USA; Finalist, Golden Panda Award, Wildscreen Festival 2000,Bristol,UK; Finalist: Jackson Hole Wildlife Film 2001 Festival in the Best Children's Category; Finalist: "Gold Panda" Awards for Documentary at the 6th Sichuan TV Festival, China

Voiceover script: Kalahari, Living on the Edge. Provision, South Africa. 50 minutes. 1998 (South African Documentary TV award: Best Directing, Best Production, Best Script and Best Wildlife Documentary in 1998.)

Talent/Coordinator: Nouveaux Mondes: Capture and Transfert. Gedeon Programmes and France 2. 1h45m. 1999 (In French)

Talent/Coordinator: Nouveaux Mondes: Elephants of Kruger. Gedeon Programmes and France 2. 1h45m. 1998 (In French)

Web site writer, graphics/photo editor, Bonjour Paris on America Online (AOL). '94 ­ '95
Scientific Advisor/Writer/Photos. Mammals. Interactive CD ROM. National Geographic. 1990. First Edition

Spokesperson. Frequent radio and TV interviews on south Florida environmental and water issues. 1985-1990

Talent/Coordinator. In Search Of The Giant Otter. 1978 BBC film updated and re-edited by WGBH for all PBS affiliates. (50 minutes). 1984

Talent/Advisor. Animal Trade: Passport to Extinction. Focus program. WBBM Television, CBS affiliate, Chicago. (2 one-hour specials). National distribution. 1981

Talent. In Search of the Bigi Watra Dagoo (Giant Otters in Suriname). BBC Television (Bristol Natural History Unit.). World About Us series. Distributed worldwide. Edward Milner, producer. (50 minutes). 1978

Talent. The Otter in Britain. BBC Television (Bristol Natural History Unit). World about Us series. Christopher Parsons, producer. Distributed worldwide.1974


Awards and Professional membership (partial list)

Scientific Fellow: The Zoological Society of London
Fellow: The Linnaen Society, London
Fellow: The Royal Geographical Society, London
Fellow: New York Academy of Sciences, New York



Bilingual English - French. Spoken Italian and Spanish, some Dutch and German. Spoken Sranantongo (Suriname dialect)



119 countries on five continents visited on official conservation business


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